How Social Media has Exasperated Social Inclusion

It's safe enough to say that every single being in the entire multi-verse has seen the selfie that Ellen DeGeneres took with all those A-list Hollywood actors at the Oscrars and then retweeted it 700 times each (cannot confirm whether these numbers are accurate, but a decent estimation I would say). However, an image which many people may have not seen was the view from behind this photo, of Liza Minnelli desperately trying to grow 5 or 6 inches.

Of course, the good people in Ellen DeGeneres' PR group made her privy to this micro-publicity crisis. Ellen was quick to make amends with the star in order to avoid any tarnishing of her good name by taking a selfie of just her and Liza, in which she looked decidedly less fervent in comparison to her world-record breaking pic:

Mind you, Minnelli herself does not look particularly excited either. Disdain, if anything is to be read from her poker-face. 

So what is this all about? Well I believe this occurrence brings some interesting points to light in regards to how social media has created a tense arena where it is almost impossible not to feel excluded by one thing or another. People enjoy to capture the most idyllic and picturesque moment of any occasion. Be it a Sunday walk with their neighbours, or a night out with friends. The denizens of the social media do not tend to post deflated imagery which displays moments of tedium. 

When people are traversing the various realms of social medium, they might not always be in the best of spirits. I'm not saying that they are depressed, but simply feeling less confident, and somewhat downtrodden. Being surrounded by imagery of people having fun merely heightens this demoralisation which can lead people to feel withdrawn from life and view the perceived merriment that everyone else is experiencing to be that bit sweeter.

Pining over someone else's life experiences is never a fun exercise. It can only ever result in denial and wanting. Everyone's been to a party or on a night-out which was crap, yet people will marvel at the deceptive pictures posted on Facebook the next day. This works much the same for everyone else. So remember to relish the truly good moments in your life, rather than sitting at home and longing for ostensible joy. 


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