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8 Film Flops of 2013

In a year riddled with big openings that failed to deliver, I take a look back at 8 of the most hotly-anticipated releases that ended up being pretty forgettable.

The Hangover Part III
The concept of basing a film around a group of men who wake up after a drug-fueled blackout is not the only hackneyed notion protruding this series. The manner in which the less funny of the four goes conveniently missing every time and the story follows the calamitous trio embarking on a voyage to save their friend is getting a bit ridiculous. The movie begins with the unnecessary and foreseeable killing of a Giraffe and it's pretty much all down hill from there. The enchantingly rugged figure of Bradley Cooper is not able to save this flick from being a flop.

The Great Gatsby 
While Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong and I'm a fan of Carey Mulligan's also, this movie, flush with aesthetics but lacking substance was very disappointing. Perhaps because it had all the ingredients to be great means…

Why Nightclubs Work

Bright lights, high noise levels and a general consensus that everyone's pissed all contribute to an environment where awkwardness is socially acceptable and widely practiced.
They're epilepsy inducing, ear-drum bursting, sweat reeking cesspools of dutch courage. So why are nightclubs so embedded into our popular culture? This remains a question which has racked my brain for many a year now and has brought me to maybe a rather unsophisticated conclusion - they are the only place where social awkwardness goes amiss without judgment or condemnation.

This might come across as strange to many people. What exactly do I mean by awkwardness? Well, where else can you stand around mouthing the lyrics of a song you don't really know whilst eyeing up every member of the opposite sex that passes? Where else can you commit sexual obscenities with someone whose name you don't even know, in public? Where else can you dance like a new-born gazelle with a physical handicap and no one wil…